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Sponsor Group Meeting


Last updated 11/9/2023 at 1:54pm

Borrego Springs Sponsor Group Chairperson Rebecca Falk is stepping down after six years in the leadership position, according to discussion at the October 5, 2023 monthly meeting. She will remain a member of the group, and Vice President John Peterson is considering taking on the role. Under Falk’s tenure, the position has increased in responsibility given her detail-oriented and community focused style.

The CSG is looking to develop a possible slate of future members and seeks Borregans willing to take on the responsibility, which includes voting on planning measures that the County will then consider for implementation. CSG member Nancy McRae described Falk’s leadership as a “labor of love.” Falk has sought a replacement before, noting, “I can’t hold on anymore.”

In other business, the CSG heard from resident Kathy Dice about a “housing crisis” in the valley, wherein nearly 200 homes are available as short-term vacation rentals. The prospects of the local residents finding affordable long-term rentals is bleak. The CSG will ponder possible solutions at their next meeting on November 2.

Additionally, the County will begin advertising bids on October 12, 2023 for the construction of a shaded pathway along Sunset Road. The path will lead from the Library area to Christmas Circle. The materials under consideration will need to be able to survive strong winds. The County is also looking to spend funds on a “splash pad” at the Community Park. According to Falk, the County’s lead for groundwater management (Jim Bennett) said the water usage would be “insignificant.” The process recycles the water and the splash pad could improve quality of life for local children during hot weather. A measure to support the splash pad passed a CSG vote, with member Bill Haneline voting no for water-related reasons.

The County will hold a Zoom meeting on November 6, 2023 to address the invasive Volutaria species running rampant in Borrego Springs.

According to the CSG, the County would need 44 people working full time for three months to completely remove the weed from the community. Private property owners may be approached by the County for permission to enter and remove the weeds, including with the use of herbicides. The issue of local landscapers using invasive species, such as fountain grass, is a longstanding problem in the community as the plants spread into desert habitat.

The County has decided to ban 40-foot and longer semi-trucks from using Montezuma Grade without a permit. The ban applies only to through traffic and not to deliveries to Borrego Springs. The CSG has dissolved its official Community ID Signage Standing Committee. A non-County sanctioned group will continue to work on ideas for new signage, which would not include any changes to the current entry sign, the sign at Christmas Circle, or the dark-sky signage.

Those interested in CSG business or wishing to address the CSG Members can attend the next meeting at 5 p.m., on November 2, 2023, in the Borrego Springs Library Community Room. An agenda will be available online prior to the meeting and is posted at the Borrego Springs Post Office.