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Last updated 11/9/2023 at 2:31pm

Planning to get the latest Covid vaccination? If you want them now, you will have to leave Borrego to find a provider. Why?

The Borrego Sun checked with both the Borrego Springs clinic and DAP’s office – the new owners and managers of the clinic, to find out about the status of the vaccine. The following are the conversations with both.

New Covid Variant Vaccination Inquiry – Borrego Springs Clinic

Borrego Sun: “Do you have the new vaccines for covid?”

Borrego Springs Clinic: “We do not.”

Sun: “When do you expect them?”

Borrego Clinic: “We don’t know.”

Sun: “How will you alert the community when they become available?”

Borrego Clinic: Long pause. “You can leave your phone number and we will call you when it comes in.”

Sun: “I mean the community, how will you let it be known vaccinations are available?”

Borrego Clinic: “We can post it on our website.”

Sun: “Thanks for the information.”

Borrego Clinic: “Thank you. For inquiring.”

Question: How many Borregans, who are not patients, go to the clinic website to check on shots?

New Covid Vaccinations: DAP – Borrego Health’s new owner.

Borrego Sun: “Do you have the new vaccinations?”

DAP Receptionist: “They have not told us.”

Sun: “When might you expect to make them available?”

DAP Receptionist: “They have not told us.”

Sun: “How will we know when the vaccinations are available?”

DAP Receptionist: “They have not told us.”

Sun: “May I speak to ‘They’?”

DAP Receptionist: “They are not available.”

Sun: “Really? You aren’t terribly helpful, are you? “Thank you, anyway.”

DAP Receptionist: “Thank You.”

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