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Grant Funded Projects Update at BWD


Last updated 9/14/2023 at 12:19pm

Borrego Water District is in the middle of a multi year Capital Improvement replacement program and making great progress on critical improvements. Following is an update:

Waste Water Treatment Plant Monitoring Wells - COMPLETE: BWD operates a 250,000 gallon per day conventional wastewater treatment plant serving approximately 380 customers in Town Center, Borrego Springs Resort, Club Circle and Rams Hill/La Casa areas. Approximately one year ago, a complete renovation was complete at a cost of $800,000 funded by the State. Most recently, a series of groundwater quality monitoring wells were installed to determine if the Basin is influenced at all by the operation of the Plant. At the end of the treatment process, effluent is piped to Percolation Ponds.

New monitoring wells have been installed around the perimeter of the Ponds to monitor groundwater quality at a depth of 40 feet and 100 feet. The results of the water quality testing will likely determine if any additional treatment plant processes are required by the State in the future. This Project was funded by the State at a cost of $280,000. Both projects were managed by Plant Manager Roy Martinez.

Twin Tanks Replacement - COMPLETE: BWD also operates a series of water storage tanks around its service area. In the early 1970s, two 220,000 tanks were installed above the State Park Headquarters. The two tanks served the Community well but had reached the end of their useful life. As tanks age, corrosion can degrade the interior and exterior finish and eventually its structural integrity. The two tanks have been replaced with one 450,000 tank which is now in service. This Project was also managed in house by BWD Staff and in this case it is Water Ops Manager Alan Asche.

Rams Hill #2 Tank Replacement - COMPLETE: Another tank of similar size but slightly “younger” in age is the Rams Hill #2 Tank. The 200,000 tank serves the Rams Hill development and is located approximately one half mile to the south above the Rams Hill development. Alan Asche has also successfully completed this project working with the Contractor Superior Tank..

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