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Watermaster Board Community Alternate Position Open


Last updated 6/13/2023 at 11:23am

Following years of serving the Borrego Springs SubasinWatermaster Board as the Community Representative – Alternate, Martha Deichler has tendered her resignation. In an email to the Watermaster and BWD, Martha stated:

“It is time for me to step down as I have recently taken on two new roles that will take up much of my time and for which I feel better qualified. I will be the Director of the newly formed Community Resource Center as well as the Associate Director of the exciting Prop 68 Education High School CTE Grant.”

Martha will be very difficult to replace and the process to try to do so is already underway.

As described in the Judgment governing management of the groundwater Basin in Borrego, the process for replacement of the Community members start with a list of two candidates to be provided by local organizations: Borrego Stewardship Council, Sponsor Group, State Parks and School District (1 nominee). As of the printing date of this edition, the two identified candidates are Jim Dax and Jim Wermers.

The nominees will be interviewed during a Public Forum at the June 13th BWD Board Meeting @ 9 a.m. to allow for members of the public, Watermater and BWD Boards to ask questions. Following the Q and A, BWD Board will deliberate and make the selection.

If any member of the public is interested in participating in the Public Forum, the Agenda packet for this meeting will be released on June 9.

For any questions in the meantime, call Geoff Poole @ 760-767-5806.