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BWD Purchases Water Rights


Last updated 5/10/2023 at 11:03am

The BWD Board of Directors has executed Agreements for the acquisition of water rights and property owned by William Bauer. The $1.3 million, 120 acre parcel acquired is the Citrus Ranch located farthest to the North in the entire Basin (end of Di Giorgio Rd) and immediately adjacent to Coyote Creek. This unique location provides some amazing desert streambed restoration that could be included in the future if funding was available.

Transferring of water rights between willing buyers and sellers is a fundamental component of Basin sustainability. To comply with the mandated pumping reductions, all pumpers, including BWD, must reduce by an estimated 75% before 2040. To offset the amount of water available for existing customers following the enactment of all pumping restrictions, BWD will need approximately 294 million gallons per year. The acquisition of the William Bauer parcel will provide 52 MG/Y and additional acquisitions are planned to obtain the remaining 242 MG/Y needed.

In addition to the cost of land acquisition, a series of fallowing steps are needed to be taken prior to the official transfer of the water rights to BWD including removal of the trees and surface irrigation. These steps are planned to begin later this year. Grant and all alternative funding sources are being pursued by BWD Staff and Board to offset some or all of this and other acquisitions.