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Healthcare Focus Added

Economic Development & Public Health Revitalization Committees add Focus on Healthcare


Last updated 11/10/2022 at 10:50am

The mission of the new group is to ensure the availability of quality primary care now and for the foreseeable future in Borrego Springs. The recent challenges of Borrego Health make this a timely and important issue for community involvement. Local primary care is particularly important for Borrego’s senior citizens and other residents who, due to issues of cost, time, transportation, or health, are less able to travel for healthcare.

The focus of the workgroup is to provide direction and support for:

- Clinic-based primary care

- Other forms of primary care

- Access to specialty care

- Other health-related services that will be needed to ensure Borrego continues to thrive as a community

Beginning in 2019, the Borrego Springs Revitalization Committees were created to coordinate with the office of County Supervisor Jim Desmond to address issues of importance to Borrego Springs, including issues of infrastructure, the environment, economic development (includes tourism and education), and public health. At the most recent public meeting with Supervisor Desmond and County Staff, on October 4, Betsy Knaak, Chair of the Economic Committee, reported that the new Focus on Healthcare workgroup, co-chaired by Dr. Bruce Kelley, was formed to examine issues relating to health care in Borrego Springs, both for its economic importance and as an essential service to residents.

The group plans to report to the community for two-way dialog and input.

They have established an email address for responding to questions, comments, and suggestions:

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