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Spring is in the air - Borrego Style. (Even though it is technically Fall)


Last updated 10/20/2022 at 11:13am

For Borrego Springs, October is the month that kicks off our seasonal renewal. Our summer hibernation period is officially over.

Gardeners are at their busiest. Workers are raking, pruning, weeding and planting. Christmas Circle Park has a fresh crop of winter grass, ready for Borrego Days. Businesses have been hard at work over the summer, freshening, painting and adding new signage. Shelves are stocked, product is rearranged. Everyone is ready and eager for folks to come on by.

Things feel different this year, or is it just my imagination? Everyone seems ready for a busy and prosperous 2022 – 23 season. There is pent up demand for getting together with friends and neighbors.

Drive around town and check out all of the road work taking place. The County is doing a terrific job; everything is looking so new. A slow drive through town today revealed only one for rent sign, one building for sale, and one building boarded up. This October has got to be a record for business occupancy.

This annual Fall rebirth is one of our local traditions. Each year we awaken from the slumber of the summer doldrums. Vacations are over. Snowbirds are beginning to return. Town activities beckon.

Soon the summer, with its intense heat, will be just a memory.

Jim and Anne Wermers

– Borrego Springs’ Honorary Mayors

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