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Borrego Group on Their Way to Khovd, Mongolia


Last updated 8/9/2022 at 11:35am

How many of you recall a delegation from Mongolia visiting Borrego Springs in February 2019?

At that time, an official “Partner City” ceremony was held in the community room at the library. Nine delegates from Khovd, including their Governor, traveled halfway around the world to visit our village. Proclamations were read, gifts were exchanged, discussions were held.

On Saturday, July 30, a small delegation of five from Borrego Springs left to reciprocate with a visit to Mongolia. Two recent high school graduates, valedictorian and Miss Borrego Natalia Carmona, salutatorian David Hernandez, along with school-community liaison Martha Deichler and current honorary mayors, Anne and Jim Wermers, will make the journey to our partner city, Khovd.

This all is happening on really short notice. We had planned to go to Mongolia in 2020, but COVID hit and everything shut down. Mongolia is just opening up again. We first learned in June that this trip was a possibility. We have been scrambling since.

On our agenda is forming a relationship between Borrego Springs High School and a high school in Khovd. Also, In furtherance of a signed Memorandum of Understanding between our towns, we plan to contact the local Chamber of Commerce, visit local government offices, establish relationships with local art groups and visit with natural history/tourism agencies.

Wow, that’s a lot to do during our five days in Khovd. Especially considering we also want to check out the local food, art scene, and spectacular natural environment. And hopefully we will also get to sleep in a ger.

Pretty cool, huh?

We’ll let you know how it all went when we return later in August.

Your Honorary Mayors,

Jim & Anne Wermers

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