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Water for Small Developments Considered


Last updated 5/25/2022 at 9:46am

Starting in August 2021, the Borrego Water District Board created a Pilot Program for Small Development Water Supply, where a home, commercial or project with public benefit using less than 325,000 gallons per year are eligible to purchase water and receive service. At its meeting on May 10, the Board will be considering extending the program under the following conditions.

BWD will consider making water service available to proponents of qualifying Projects, including Small Public Construction, within the BWD service area with an estimated water supply demand of up to one (1) acre foot per year or less (326,000 gal). A total of 72 acre feet (af) of water supply will be available at a rate of eight afy for a nine-year period, thru 2031. The typical home in Borrego Springs uses .55 af per year. Applications for such BWD water service from proponents of eligible Projects will be accepted by BWD from July 1, 2022 forward, on a first-come, first serve basis with the application date given by BWD upon submitting an application in person at BWD office. No more than one application will be accepted for any landowner, Project proponent, Small Public Construction proponent or parcel. Applications and any commitment for water service made available under the Program are not assignable to any other land, parcel, or Project. Applications and any commitment for water service may be assigned to a new owner of a Project for which an application has been submitted or a BWD commitment made only with the advance, express written permission of BWD. Once that total amount is exhausted, no further BWD-owned water supply or water service will be made available under the Program to existing or future applicants, except as may be determined by the BWD Board of Directors. The Board will determine the use of any unsold WSSDs in any one year.

Applicants will be required to submit a BWD Commitment to Secure Water Rights for Small Developments Acknowledgement Form (“Acknowledgement”) and New Meter Application (“Application”). Applications must be completed in full and be submitted along with all required documentation to BWD at the BWD Office. The application form may be modified by BWD staff, as reasonably determined by the BWD General Manager.

The Application review fee will be $200, non-refundable. The cost to the Applicant of acquiring the BWD water supply made available under this Program will be calculated by multiplying the estimated annual water demand of the Project in acre feet (af), as verified by BWD staff, times $9,419/af . The Water Supply Charge will be subject to change at the discretion of the BWD Board of Directors. Once the Application is submitted, the following additional steps will then occur: a. BWD will produce a “Will Serve” Letter indicating the conditions under which BWD will provide water service to a qualifying Project, which will include a BWD-cost estimate for the Project (including Small Public Construction) to obtain water service. b. Will Serve Letters will be valid for no more than twenty-four (24) months. All Projects must be completed on the ground, a certificate of occupancy or equivalent approval issued for the Project or Small Public Construction, and BWD water service commenced within such timeframe. If after 30 days, the Applicant does not accept Conditions, the Application is withdrawn from consideration. Once fees are paid, BWD will issue WSL valid for 24 months unless extended, for cause, as determined by BWD. Customer will receive refund of any charges paid to BWD upon termination of WSL, provided that BWD construction, design, processing and related fees accrued to date will be non-refundable.

For details on the Program and the forms, call BWD at 760-767-5806.

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