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Supervisor Desmond Reception


Last updated 4/4/2022 at 9:39am

There was a reception on March 26 to support the re-election of San Diego County District 5 Supervisor Jim Desmond. The event was chaired and hosted by Jack McGrory at his house, "The James and Helen Copley's Private Estate 'Happy Days.'"

The house was filled with some of the most influential townsfolk.

McGrory introduced the Supervisor, extolling his virtues. Supervisor Desmond recapped on the happenings in Borrego, including the building of the new covered walkway for $2.2M, and discussed the opening of the Dollar General store.

McGrory commented by saying that in town, politics, there should be no Democratic/Republican policies, everyone should think about what is the best for the town. There was a short question and answer session, where the Borrego Health Clinic situation was discussed and Supervisor Desmond volunteered to help in whatever way he could.

The refreshments were enjoyed by all. In the end, a very successful event.

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