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"It's A... Balloon"

Hot Air Balloon Lights Up


Last updated 4/15/2022 at 10:43am

A balloon lit up the sky March 21, hovering over The Palms at Indian Head Hotel. But, it was actually launched from a house on Verbena Drive.

Upon further investigation, it seemed that there was a private ouse party with many reverlers being given a ride to the sky in the hot air balloon, most of them large enough catering up to 20 people.

The house is part of the Purveyors of Leisure Luxury Vacation Rentals Group, who own and operate a number of houses in the Coachella Valley area. They are one of the upmost quality amenities, combining a high quality experience with resort style concierge services such as massages, beauty treatments, yoga instruction, private chef meals and more.

The owner, John Demayo, told the Borrego Sun, that the party at the house was a one off event, as it was his own private party, and in the future, it will all be much quieter and relaxed; no more balloons.