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Chamber Compares Growth Versus Visitors


Last updated 3/11/2022 at 12:51pm

March has come roaring in and so have the snowbirds, the season almost feels like old times. However, for many new residents who moved to Borrego during the pandemic, this population boom has come as a big surprise and a lot of questions.

Recently, I had a new member visit the Chamber to talk about growth in Borrego Springs. This person mentioned that he’s finding there is a group who is adamant about Borrego Springs staying the same with little economic growth. However, this same person said that looking around he sees so many things going on and it feels like there is growth in Borrego Springs.

My reply to these types of questions is that there is limited growth when it comes to building homes and businesses; however, there has been an explosion of existing homes and business sold in Borrego. It seems the businesses that are selling are doing it quietly so as not to disrupt or alarm the regulars and when it comes to homes, the inventory is now very low and sales have slowed down dramatically.

No matter where one lives, there will always be those who love the community that they moved to many years ago for a certain lifestyle and change makes them sad, in which we all must respect and accept their opinions.

That brings me to growth versus visitors. Currently, visitors to the area have quadrupled in size and it feels like, but remember we all got used to quieter seasons during the past two years. This boom does bring economic growth and success; however, it doesn’t mean the community is changing in brick and mortar size. Available land, codes and zoning will keep Borrego from rapid building growth along with business owners and residents having to accept our 120 degrees summers and our many seasonal residents.

With all of this said, let the good times roll and our businesses recoup the major financial losses suffered during the pandemic, and may we always welcome new residents, businesses and visitors with our delightful Borrego hospitality.

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Françoise Rhodes,

Executive Director

– Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce & Welcome Center



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