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Borrego Water District Update


Last updated 3/1/2022 at 1:30pm

Renovation of the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) has begun by the Borrego Water District. Plant Manager, Roy Martinez and District Engineer David Dale are responsible for completing the $787,000 Project working with the Contractor Metro Builders. All exposed metallic and concrete surfaces are being repaired/replaced on the project that commenced in early 2022 and will conclude in March/April 2022.

The Plant was commissioned in the mid 1980 with subsequent connections made to Club Circle/Borrego Springs Resort as well as the commercial core of the Community with the Town Center Sewer. The Plant capacity if rated at 250,000 gpd and the average flow is currently around 60,000 gpd. The Plant is operated under a Discharge Permit issued by the California Water Board that cover a 10 year period, and the latest permit was issued in 2019.

Shown below is the clarifier following renovation. This part of the process allows for the treated sewage to sit with the heavier materials settling to the bottom and the clarified water rises to the top. In addition to new steel and concrete and clarifier work, a new grit chamber is being installed which is the first step in the treatment process. Removal of grit (and larger materials) from the WWTP in important to minimize damage to pumps, valves and seals in the WWTP.