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A Preview of Impactful Issues for Next Year


Last updated 12/16/2021 at 12:36pm

The current leadership slate was reelected for 2022 at the December 2 meeting of the Sponsor Group. Rebecca Falk will continue as Chair, Bonnie Petrach as Vice Chair, and Judy Haldeman as Secretary. After some discussion about the need for in-person meetings and the challenges of hybrid (in-person and Zoom) meetings, the Sponsor Group voted to hold the January meeting via Zoom.

The County of San Diego Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) is redrawing the boundaries for the County’s five supervisorial districts. Redistricting takes place every 10 years, after the federal census results are in. District boundaries are redrawn to reflect new population data. The IRC works independently from the Board of Supervisors and has a transparent process that is open to the public. The IRC has been working since September, publishing maps and gathering resident input.

Borrego resident and member of the Sponsor Group’s Subcommittee on County Programs and Regulations, Julie Gerson, presented the current state of the redistricting process to the Sponsor Group and noted that the process is close to complete. The Board of Supervisors is expected to finalize the redistricting maps at the Dec. 9 meeting.

To learn more about the final maps being considered, understand the reasoning behind the drawing of the boundaries, and download a copy of the draft final report, please visit In the current district boundaries that were formed in 2011, East County was split into two districts. Borrego Springs was in District 5 that included Fallbrook, Vista and Oceanside, while Julian and Ramona were in District 2 along with Poway and Lakeside. Proposed 2021 IRC Draft Maps are available at the above link. In proposed Map 13a, all of East County would be in one district from Poway to Borrego Springs and Campo. In proposed Map 14, Campo and a corridor along the border with Mexico would be in the southern district and Fallbrook and Camp Pendleton from North County would be moved into the eastern district.

Chair Rebecca Falk asked Sponsor Group members and the public to review the Regional Decarbonization Framework to understand the implications for Borrego Springs. Her article appeared in the previous issue of the Borrego Sun (Nov. 25, Page 5, Titled – “Op-Ed: County and Regional Climate Change Resiliance Programs”).

The framework is a vision document produced in collaboration with UCSD, and a first draft is available at The document proposes decarbonization of the economy through public-private partnerships in four areas: renewable energy production, decarbonization of transportation, land use, and buildings. The final document is expected to be presented to the Board for adoption in early 2022.

Finally, of relevance to land use, clearing and development in our community, a Grading, Clearing and Watercourse Amendment to the County Grading Ordinance, is under consideration by the county. Sponsor Group member John Peterson, a former County Hydrologist, was involved in the current Ordinance published in 2012, and will assist the Sponsor Group in reviewing the amendment. As the Water and Land Use Subcommittee Chair, John Peterson also reported on progress with Borrego Water District in improved ground water quality monitoring, particularly in the northern part of Borrego Valley.

Chair Falk also reported on a communication that she has received from County Staff in response to a well-researched letter to County Staff from local resident Nancy McRae regarding “dangers of 18-wheelers on Montezuma Grade/S-22.” According to the staff response, “local CHP staff confirmed that there are concerns with large vehicles on S-22.” The Department of Public Works is assessing various curves along the road and will formulate a recommended course of action as soon as next week.

As noted above, the next regular meeting of the Sponsor Group will be held via Zoom, and is scheduled for January 6, 2022, at 4:30 p.m.

For further information and to be added to the Sponsor Group email list to receive agendas and agenda packets, contact the Chair at