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Want to Be Safe Rather Than Sorry?

CalFire Is Coming to Our Library December 8th


Last updated 12/2/2021 at 10:41am

All Adults are now Eligible for Covid Boosters

The media is full of speculation about the new COVID-19 variant, Omicron. We don’t know and won’t know for several weeks whether the new variant, Omicron, is more infectious, causes more serious illness and/or can fully or partially escape current immunity. So, don’t panic. Just follow prudent public health recommendations – get vaccinated and wear a mask and physically distance if you aren’t vaccinated or if you are vaccinated but think the “honor system” is not working when you go into a building.

If you believe in being safe rather than sorry, this CalFire event will be a good opportunity to get your antibodies up to maximize protection.

CalFire will provide Covid vaccinations for people age 12 and older at the Borrego Springs library on December 8. 1st, 2nd and 3rd doses (for immunocompromised) and booster shots of Pfizer and Moderna will be provided for adults. Indicate which you want when you make your appointment.

Appointment availability will likely be posted on starting late afternoon five or six days before Dec. 8. You can make a first appointment and can also make a second appointment (if needed) for December 29th when CalFire will return.

On a walk-up basis, CalFire will also provide flu shots and they will do PCR Covid testing with 1 – 2 day turnaround. Fortunately, the RT-PCR test indicates whether the variant could be Omicron. You may want to know, especially if you interact frequently with visitors who may have come from high transmission areas.

– Borrego Springs COVID-19 Task Force

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