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Last updated 9/2/2021 at 10:02am

With the arrival of the new fiscal year, the BWD Board and Staff are continuing to take steps to upgrade its aging water and sewer infrastructure in 2021 – 22. The recently adopted rate structure provides assurances that revenues will be in place to fund the important system improvements, and the good news is this year, BWD will be receiving funding from the California Department of Water Resources for water and Regional Water Resources Control Board for sewer projects. The estimated total for both water and sewer grants planned to be received is almost $3 million.

A renovation of the aging Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) has already begun. After 40 years of service, the existing WWTP will have a complete “facelift”. All mechanical equipment and exposed metal/concrete structures will be repaired/replaced. The project was bid in early 2021 and awarded to Metro Builders with a total of $780,000, including soft costs and contingencies. In preparation for work to begin in Sept./Oct. 2021, mechanical equipment has been ordered and measurements and/or removal of existing metal for custom fabrication has occurred. Completion of construction is planned for early/mid 2022 and the project will be managed in house using existing BWD staff, including David Dale, District Engineer and Roy Martinez, WWTP Manager, which creates significant savings. In the coming weeks, BWD will enter into a Final Business Agreement with DWR to formalize 100% grant funding.

A key component of BWDs water distribution system are its above ground storage tanks, and all but two of the 7 existing tanks are at or past the end of its useful life. Storage tanks provide consistent water system pressures and most importantly supplement high flow periods especially during fire fighting situations. In 2018, BWD completed replacement of the 900 Tank with the construction of 200,000 gallons on Yaqui Pass south of Rams Hill funded by BWD. This time, BWD has been working with Water Boards on a 100% grant for replacement of the Twin, Indian Head and Rams Hill #2 Tanks with an estimated cost of $2.1M.

The Twin Tanks, located behind State Parks Office will be the first of the three projects to be built and consolidate the existing Twins into one new 220,000 tank. Although on the same site as the current two tanks, the location of the new tank will have a wider footprint so its location selection is being performed in conjunction with State Parks staff to ensure minimal disruption to the environment. One tank is needed to remain during construction and will be removed when the new tank is done. The tank color will also be selected with State Parks input to blend with its surroundings. Tank design, bidding and construction management has/will also been performed by existing BWD staff of David Dale, Alan Asche and Manuel Rodriguez, which creates significant savings and in house knowledge of the Project. Once the Twins are replaced, Tanks at Indian Head and Rams Hill #2 are next and will also be completed with tanks of similar capacity at the existing sites.