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"Against SVP Merle Wakefield's scheduled placement"


Last updated 9/2/2021 at 9:57am

Front of the home, 1575 Yaqui Road

The proposed placement of Sexual Violent Predator Merle Wakefield in the De Anza Country Club of Borrego Springs, California is highly irresponsible and is most likely to cause harm or injury to residents, vacationers and tourists, and those visiting the De Anza Country Club.

The proposed address of 1575 Yaqui Road that was designed, built and previously owner by architect Jane Morley (now residing in Snowflake, Arizona). Ms. Morley designed the house to be ultra private with high walls and ribbed glass windows which created visibility only from the interior of the house looking outward onto the golf course and ZERO visibility looking inward into the house. In other words, it is a perfectly designed house for defecting surveillance of a potential Sexual Violent Predator.

The front of the house has been unkept since its purchase in November 2020 by its present owner. The entire front end of the house is camouflaged by two overgrown trees (see photos of front end and back end of house) and is the perfect environment for Merle Wakefield to offend again.

The back side of the house faces the 13 golf course hole and homes of the De Anza Country Club residents and visitors. Children, women and men not only use the golf course for golfing, but also use it to walk their dogs, have a picnic along the course's edges (which abuts the back of 1575 Yaqui Road house!) playing and other recreational endeavors.

The De Anza Country Club golf course is a recreational area and its residents consists of adults and children. Many houses are presently being rented out as Airbnb's to families with small children. 1575 Yaqui Road house has FULL VIEWS of the golf course, homes and backyards where children play and families entertain outdoors. This area is the worst of choices to place a Sexual Violent Predator.

Elizabeth Rodriguez, Resident and Business Owner

– Borrego Springs, California