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"Mylar Bodies in the Brush?"


Last updated 7/6/2021 at 9:16am

I was a State Park Ranger II at Crystal Cove State Park. Occasionally on foggy days, our staff or the Orange County Fire Department had to respond to the report of a possible human body in the brushy El Morro Canyon trail, only to find bundles of brightly colored mylar balloons draped over the brush on the hillside. Indeed, on foggy days, these balloons sometimes resembled a body dressed in bright clothing.

This was a waste of limited resources and time, climbing hazardous steep terrain to recover the balloons and particularly for the fire trucks as there are limited places on the trail to turn the fire truck around and the steep terrain limited vehicle speed.

I’m sure we were not the only agencies in the state to respond to similar reports in California.

Kenneth Smith

– Borrego Springs, California