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"Two COVID-19 Studies"


Last updated 5/4/2021 at 12:26pm

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Follow the science,” over the last year. While it may sound good, at times I’ve questioned if those at our State level truly are following the science. A study released this week, examined more than 48,000 Kaiser Permanente patients in Southern California and the effects regular exercise has on their COVID-19 complications.

The results, “Patients with COVID-19 who were consistently inactive had a greater risk of hospitalization admission to the ICU and death due to COVID-19 than patients who were consistently meeting physical activity guidelines. Patients who were consistently inactive also had a greater risk of hospitalization, admission to the ICU and death due to COVID-19 than patients who were doing some physical activity.”

We’ve known for a while that it is extremely rare to contract COVID-19 outside and that if you want to truly follow the science, we should be promoting physical activity. Instead, the Governor closed beaches, playgrounds, youth sports, gyms, and other activities forcing people inside, putting more lives at greater risk.

Another phrase that you may have heard when it comes to the media is, “If it bleeds it leads.” A recent study published by National Bureau of Economic Research looked at the coverage of COVID-19 in the United States compared to other countries. What they found was that “about 87 percent of COVID-19 coverage in national U.S. media last year was negative.

The share was 51 percent in international media, 53 percent in U.S. regional media and 64 percent in scientific journals.”

Unfortunately, bad news sells when it comes major media outlets, (CNN, Fox News, NBC, etc.) but now more than ever shows the importance for local journalism, fact-based stories and maybe even some positivity!

Jim Desmond

– San Diego County District 5 Supervisor

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