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Remembering Aurelio Abrica


Last updated 3/22/2021 at 12:17pm

It is with true sadness that I learned of the passing of Aurelio Abrica this week. I worked along side Aurelio for nearly 30 years at the Roadrunner Tree Farm. He was a man of simple beliefs.

The things he held close in life were Concha and his girls, the Atlanta Braves and maybe a cerveza Friday night after a hard week of work. Speaking of work you would think a man of few words to be a follower and not a leader. The opposite is true! I don’t think in the 30 years that we worked together our conversation would cover half an hour. Aurelio led by hard work and intelligence.

Many times when someone was looking for Aurelio at work I would respond he’s the one who speaks English. Their question back would usually be, “Are you talking about the guy with massive hands and forearms?”

Of course I would say yes that’s Aurelio. Truly a gentle giant that showed years of hard work. He was a foreman at the tree farm and his biggest duty were pulling loads, then loading semis. All the truckers that came in said that Aurelio was truly the best in the business. In the years we worked together, I know I gave him some ridiculous loads to put on trucks and he would take it with a smile and create nothing short of a miracle on that truck. He was a magician and an incredible artist.

If that wasn’t enough, everyone of his fellow workers held Aurelio in the highest esteem and looked up to him. He was the kind of person that makes an impression on you and he will truly be missed!

So I would ask everyone the next time you are out for a drive here in Borrego, take a look at the trees around you. Stop and think of the massive hands of the gentle giant with the big heart that nurtured and helped deliver most of the trees here in the valley. Know that a man lives on through his work, the love of his family and say great job Aurelio!

Mike Spieckerman

– Borrego Springs, California