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Feeding Borrego Sustains Our Community


Last updated 2/15/2021 at Noon

If you are in Borrego Springs on a Thursday afternoon, you might notice a long line of cars snaking through the Mall, then east down the gravel parking lot, then curving back west up Palm Canyon Drive toward The Mall’s Northeast entrance.

Every Thursday for the past 10 months, volunteers have been giving out boxes of food to Borregan families in need. And the need is not diminishing. On January 21, 148 boxes of food were given out.

During the pandemic, Feeding Borrego has provided boxes of food to an average of over 130 families each week. Every box contains rice, beans, tortillas, eggs, canned tomatoes and vegetables, a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit, plus special treats like turkeys for Thanksgiving and hams for Christmas. Occasionally special treats for kids and/or extra food for larger families are provided.

This food is bagged, boxed and delivered by a hard-working group of volunteers. Without their help, this effort could not happen. Each week, about two dozen Borregans take on the myriad tasks involved. These volunteers serve their community tirelessly without reward. They are the backbone of this wonderful village.

Every dollar for the program comes from private donors. No money comes from the government, and every dollar donated has gone for food. Other expenses including rent, utilities and labor have all been donated by The Mall, by Fredericks Services, and by the Borrego Valley Endowment Fund.

More than 100 individuals have provided the cash needed to help make this program an ongoing success. Donor checks range from small to large amounts. Many Borregans have donated multiple times. Borregans show their love for one another in ways both tangible and symbolic.

In order to respond to the ongoing pandemic, some of the administrative aspects of Feeding Borrego are being changed to better serve the community. Feeding Borrego is now affiliated with the Borrego Springs Youth and Seniors Center, Inc., (aka Borrego Senior Center).

The Senior Center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, has been serving the needs of Borrego for decades. The Senior Center will oversee the administration of the Feeding Borrego program, as well as process donations, send out donor letters, pay for food purchases and file appropriate tax returns. The Wermers and Fredericks families will continue their involvement.

The plan is for Feeding Borrego to become one of many services provided to our community and housed on the east side of the Mall. For now it’s called the Borrego Community Resource Center.

Recently, the Feeding San Diego program hosted by Martha Deichler has relocated to the Resource Center and will coordinate its services with Feeding Borrego. In addition, free legal services are being provided by a bilingual attorney and his staff. Future services will include health assistance, job creation, access to government services, and more.

If you have questions or want to help, please contact Dan Wright at 206-948-8268.

If you wish to donate, please make your check payable to Borrego Senior Center and mail to P.O. Box 1362 and write “Feeding Borrego” in the memo line.