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Chamber Deny or Comply


Last updated 1/6/2021 at 10:58am

As we transition into 2021, a last-minute decision was made to postpone the Borrego Springs Film Festival. Our hopes are to have it later in the year.

On to the deny or comply topic, which is about a split-second decision I was recently faced with in the grocery store parking lot and one I am occasionally faced with at the Chamber Farmer’s Market.

As soon as I leave the store and am sure no one is around me, I drop my mask. Having done this I was walking down the lane to my car when someone on the other side of the parking lane says to me “Will you please pull your mask up, it makes me uncomfortable and you might be spreading the virus.”

At that very moment and as I kept walking, my first thought was to say, “I think we’re fine – I’m on the other side of the lane.” Or, I could have repeated one of the many excuses I’ve been told at the Farmer’s Market when I have asked people to wear a mask while in the market corridor. Such as, “No I don’t want to, no I have my rights, you can’t make me, I have a condition or don’t harass me.”

However, my decision was to pull my mask up so it put that person at ease. I didn’t see a need for confrontation over 20 more steps. In fact, I felt good about my decision and would do the same thing again in the future. We all have enough stress going on and I’m not going to let being slightly uncomfortable for a small amount of time lead to more unneeded stress for me and those around me. Please think about this the next time someone asks you to wear a mask, and just so you know, I don’t like wearing a mask either!

Françoise Rhodes,

Executive Director

– Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce & Welcome Center