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"Who? What? Where?"


Last updated 1/6/2021 at 10:20am

Dear editor,

I, like so many others, try hard to stay within the rules to protect ourselves and others. With that said, I feel as if someone is dropping the ball.

Example: Community Valley Bank closed on Dec. 9 and reopened on Dec. 14. A line of 10 or more people, stood in line outside the bank which opened at 10:30ish instead of 10 a.m.

While in line, I asked the gentleman standing outside, limiting the number of customers into the bank, if someone from the bank had tested positive for COVID-19. He stated he could not answer that due to privacy. What?

I didn’t ask about a particular employee. I was in the bank on the Dec. 8. Why weren’t people warned? It’s not as if they couldn’t see who made transactions on Friday, Monday and Tuesday.

Does this also happen at other places in town? Is anyone tracing? And what does tracing look like?

I’m not someone who is freaking out about the virus, but things like this really make a person wonder. We are supposed to protect our community, but they are not protecting us.

Maybe the paper can inform us what “Tracing” is being done and how or when it happens.

Diana Fox

– Borrego Springs, California