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Chamber Moves into the Holidays


Last updated 12/1/2020 at 5:10pm

As the holiday season is truly upon us, there is one thing we know for sure – these holidays will be like none other. We’ll all be fighting the urge to visit family and friends, along with the inner struggle of making the right decision. There is no easy answer except to consider risk versus reward for ourselves and those around us.

At the Chamber, I’m happy to see that visitors no longer struggle and complain about wearing masks. If they don’t have one or forgot it in their car, we quickly offer a mask before they walk through the doors. And yes, like most of us, as soon as they are back outside away from the Chamber, they take them off.

On to Chamber business, at our last meeting we elected our new 2020 – 21 Board of Directors. Congratulations to President – Clint Brandin, Vice President – Ramien Shalizi, Secretary – Debbie Woollet, Treasurer – Mary Purvis and Directors – Erica Atmaca, Carol Brandin, Kirit Patel, Brad Tidwell and Harry Turner. Honorary Mayor – Andy Macuga.

Even though there are no major events to work on, the focus has been on media items about Borrego Springs. Westways had a wonderful story, The Desert Sun did a piece on the Sky Art Sculptures, Jen Orr set cycling records in harsh winter winds that was posted on several media outlets, and there are more stories on the horizon.

The Chambers website broke records since I’ve been there with traffic well over 6,100 in October. The Chamber Facebook page had a 254% increase with an October reach of 14,706. Our overall Chamber visitor count was at 186 in October down by 70 from 2019, but when you factor in our shortened October hours and NO Borrego Days Festival, the Chamber is trending in a positive direction. The digital version of the Embrace Borrego guide is now linked on the homepage of the Chamber website. However, I need your fabulous photos for our Instagram page since it is so new it has a ways to go. Remember to hashtag embraceborrego.

The Chamber Farmers Market every Friday is growing with several new vendors and more to come so don’t miss it. Masks and social distancing are required, please don’t ruin it for others by thinking you are an exception.

From all of us at the Chamber, we wish you the best your Thanksgiving holiday can be, and for me, make sure there’s plenty of gravy because I put it on everything!

Françoise Rhodes,

Executive Director

– Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce & Welcome Center