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VIEWPOINT: Borrego Health


Last updated 11/4/2020 at 10:32am

Why are these people still there? Mark Connelly is going to be appointed temporary CEO. How temporary? We don’t know, as they have stopped the recruitment for a full-time CEO. Connelly has rejected Dr. Carrolee Barlow’s offer of helping to upgrade the clinic, saying that Borrego Health can improve the standard and implement the improvements themselves. With their previous track record and what is happening now, this seems unlikely.

They have reversed their position re Diana Thompson, CFO, first she was fired, now she’s not. She was a party and complicit at the meetings with Bruce Hebets, Mikia Wallis and others. She oversaw all the accounting as CFO, so she knew what was going on with the financial side, signed the 990 with various omissions, including the $500K lobbying fees, and the Premier agreement where they were paid an excess of $20M last year. And she was in the meetings where the Premier deal was initially discussed and implemented. She also has a number of family members employed at Borrego Health. Dr. Alfredo Ratniewski is still lurking in the background taking a salary. He was one of the original instigators. Dan Anderson is now leading the so-called “clean up.” He has been a Trustee/Director for 10 years, so he was fully aware of the internal situation and was also involved in business with Hebets via the leasing of his clinics.

All the officers involved in the past should be fired, along with the Trustees as they were aware of the situation, but stood by and did nothing. There should be a totally new team; new honest executives employed to try and rescue the clinics and improve the medical facilities and new independent trustees.

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