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Last updated 7/8/2020 at 11:43am

As my last post was a long report, this column is focused on thanking those who I don’t think hear it enough, yet are essential in helping us get through this historic time in Borrego Springs.

First on the list are Chamber volunteers Judy Lewis, Mike Himmerich and George Thompson. When asked if they would mind working during this time to help the Chamber be open (semi normally) three days a week – without hesitation they said “yes!” With masks on, a smile in their voice and helpful words for all that call or visit the Chamber, I can’t thank them enough.

Between you and me, they’ve gracefully accepted all of the new organization and procedures implemented and tend to tease me about it, but yet they’ve jumped right in and with their help the Chamber looks fantastic! It will be these three who break-in the newbie volunteers when the season begins.

I also want to thank San Diego County District 5 Supervisor Jim Desmond for his unwavering support of Borrego Springs. I had the opportunity to have a long discussion with him, bringing him up to date on what has transpired at the Chamber and how we are moving forward. He had nothing but words of encouragement and offers of help.

Then there was my conversation with Borrego Springs Fire Protection District Chief John Hardcastle, so positive and inspiring, I instantly knew that Borrego Springs is in the best of hands with Chief Hardcastle and his team. We’ve already discussed some fun community driven holiday ideas, but as we all know, we don’t know what the future will bring.

Food Banks, for a smaller community I’ve never seen anything like it, how everyone pitches in and does what they can for others. Such as the schools making sure students have daily meals, the food banks at the churches and of course the volunteers who make it happen. Dealing with their own struggles, I’m not sure the many recipients have any idea what goes on behind the scenes at the food banks. Just arranging the delivery of items is a major task, then the sorting and finally the distribution. I’ve only witnessed a small fraction of it but couldn’t be more proud and grateful.

For example, volunteers are assigned their item to package and it becomes a large conveyor belt of humans packing boxes, at the end of the line the boxes are ready for distribution.

Fred Jee saves and gives the boxes from their food bank to the food bank Jim Wermers is involved with so they can be more organized and offer an easier way to distribute. Jim Seley of Seley Ranch searched high and low for peppers that could not be found for one of the food banks and made sure they got them. I would love to mention everyone, the many volunteers and business owners eager to help. However, I realize your contributions are done from the heart, not for the accolades so please know that we praise and appreciate all that you do.

From all of us in Borrego Springs to all of you who help others in Borrego Springs, we “Thank YOU!”

Françoise Rhodes

– Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce Executive Director



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