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"Dangling and Confused"


Last updated 6/1/2020 at 12:41pm

As the surviving spouse of Dr. Jaime Paris, the one-time medical director and physician at the Borrego Medical Clinic, and a resident since 1989, I have followed the many changes good and not so good at the Borrego Medical Clinic. The dismissal of Jan Jones and Dr. Pamela McEvoy has left a bitter taste and a great void.

Having Jan Jones, Dr Jim Huot, and Dr. Pamela McEvoy working and living in our community seems so much more effective for patients and caregivers than an unknown rotating staff. For those of us that are full-time residents, we have depended on the Borrego Medical Clinic for many years. This current news of terminations has left us dangling and confused.

Liesel Paris

– Borrego Springs, California

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