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Last updated 5/13/2020 at 12:30pm

Social isolation is not a new crisis for seniors, but in the era of coronavirus, it is one that our community is newly aware of. A third of San Diegans over age 65 live alone, many of whom have no one to care for them. For decades, our local senior centers have been a refuge for socially isolated seniors, supporting their health and well-being, and providing a necessary human connection.

Now, in the wake of a global pandemic, senior centers have been forced to close their doors at a time when older adults are more isolated than ever. Centers have shifted into crisis operations mode, offering minimal services as they are forced to lay off staff. Facilities that were already stretched thin are now hanging on by a thread.

Please do what you can to support local seniors during their difficult tine. Whether you are checking in with elderly neighbors or donating, every bit helps. Young or old, San Diegans are all in this together and we will pull through.

Bob Kelly

– President and CEO

San Diego Seniors Community Foundation

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