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Is It Too Early To Reopen?


Last updated 5/15/2020 at 8:53am

Hundreds to thousands of protesters have taken over a few cities in California over the last few weeks, defying the stay-at-home order, calling for officials to reopen the state.

Social distancing orders were violated, as many were clustered together with some protesters wearing masks, while others had none at all. Signs at protests varied from “freedom is essential” to “we have rights.”

Many counties have already loosened certain restrictions, however, it seems like that is not enough.

The question goes, “what are people trying to open?” Is it that they want to go back to work, or urging others to go back to work so they can do things they’d normally do?

We’d like to know what you think! Please write to us at with your thoughts on the reopening of the state. Should it reopen now or should the order be extended another month?