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Weather or Not in Borrego


Last updated 4/10/2020 at 10:39am

Bunnie Hamilton

Look for a warming trend over the next 10 days. That's 80-degrees plus, after a month of temperatures in the 60's and 70's. The forecast also projects a humidity range between about (25 – 30%), the tipping point where most swamp coolers lose effectiveness. We also had three inches of rain during the month, about half of our historical season average of six inches.

Even though two months late, we've had enough rain in March to get wildflower seeds sprouting, and with the coming warm weather, conditions seem ripe for a late wildflower bloom. However, while there are local "hot spots," mainly in the nearby lower canyons, anecdotal reports and random observations suggest that some wildflower locations are already past their peak. However, for those who are adventurous and wish to travel some distance by car (except for close-by Henderson Canyon) and then hike for a while in your need to get outside in small numbers to maintain social distancing, the Bloom Report has some recommended locations:

The Bloom is good to very good around Fish Creek and South of Bow Willow, and that includes Carrizo Canyon and the Sweeney Pass area. The mid-March rain will result in widespread bloom that will extend far into April.

Coyote Canyon: Water in First, Second and Third crossing, at second crossing water is a bit deeper than usual. Bloom is almost non-existent but with some along the creeks.

Lower Willows is still a problem; there isn't a good route this season.

Part of the route is a dense pack of arrow weed, while others turned into a pond. For now, only for the very adventurous.

Henderson Canyon: This is one of the main flower tourist attractions, but right now it's not worth visiting.

For the first time in recorded Borrego history, the absence of a Super Bloom looks like good news. With late-season rain contributions and mild-to-cool temps from Mother Nature, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is keeping tourists to a minimum.

As of March 30, we have not had a single case of confirmed COVID-19 infection here in Borrego, and together with the widespread practice of social distancing and sheltering in place, the lack of wildflower tourist hordes will certainly help our statistical chances.

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