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Carnivale Fun


Last updated 4/3/2020 at 12:11pm

Michael Sadler

The history of Carnivale is rich and full of interesting traditions, like wearing costumes and eating many kinds of sweets, and Borrego had its own unique style of the celebration on Feb. 22 at The Mall.

The scene was set with modal swing and zydeco music, a lovely version of Sweet Georgia Brown on the speakers, trees wound with strings of light, pirates and puppeteers and Mad Hatters snaking their way through the crowd, both inside and outside of the shops, dancing and adorning everyone they passed with colored beads – all of this enough to remind anyone of New Orleans.

At the east entrance to The Mall, Carnivale visitors browsed a succulent collection, sweet bread, clothing and handmade items for sale by local vendors.

Ellen Fitzpatrick highlighted books being given away, including "Treasure Island" to a young boy named Jasper whose imagination, like so many others, will undoubtedly be tweaked. Meanwhile, Teri Canzoni held up the Carnivale tradition with her "Mardi Gras Voodoo" booth.

Those who felt the call of Carnivale made the night more joyous by wearing whimsical hats with lights and ornaments.

Many smiles were shared by familiar faces and fun was in the air. Carnivale is a time to put aside differences, get to know your neighbors, and celebrate with one another, and to have fun. That is exactly what those who attended this celebration did.

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