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Last updated 4/3/2020 at 12:41pm

Daily lives are changing quickly in Borrego Springs and around the world due to COVID-19 and in many cases so quickly that the information released by the Chamber is outdated within minutes.

As a source for information, we are doing our best to have current reports readily available, however it’s interesting to note that out of the numerous calls the Chamber receives hourly, only one or two callers are interested in news of the virus, the majority of questions are about events being canceled, is Borrego Springs open for business, are the roads clear and where are the statues.

As for Borrego Springs being open, stop and think of the consequences for the business owners, employees, their families, vendors, and the town in general if everyone closed shop.

However, fear has not stopped a constant flow of Borregians going to San Diego, the Coachella Valley, Temecula, and other cities to places like Costco where there are hundreds of people, doctors’ appointments, business meetings and so on. Remember, we have the same chance of bringing the virus back to town as a visitor has of spreading it.

There is no right or wrong answer; it is how we deal with this as individuals and the choices we make.

To help assuage these fears any event with the potential of a large gathering has been canceled. Since typically businesses and resorts in Borrego Springs do not have gatherings of 250 people or more all in the same area at the same time, the choice is theirs to be open for business, and the choice is yours to go or not to go there.

Our top priority at the Chamber is the well-being and comfort level of our volunteers, staff and members resulting in the Chamber closure to foot traffic for two weeks and then determining our next course of action. Our volunteers have already offered to answer the telephones to help us stay in touch with the community, and we are open to members by appointment only.

With all of this said, the virus will pass and life will have changed for all of us. Hopefully many lessons will be learned. For information visit the San Diego County Corona Virus website For local information call the Borrego Community Health Foundation at 858-405- 5048, Gary Rotto is the Public Advisor.

Françoise Rhodes

– Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce Executive Director

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