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Clint Brandin Steers Chamber Into Black


Last updated 1/23/2020 at 12:09pm

Michael Sadler

Clint Brandin was unanimously elected as Chamber president in October after Patrick Sampson resigned. He has been on the board for a about a year.

He presided during the hectic time leading up to and including Borrego Days, and he currently serves on the Boards of the Sponsor Group and the Borrego Springs Resort Men's Golf Club.

As a business owner, he accepted the Chamber presidency because, he says of one of his goals, "I think I have a pretty good feel for business, and for what people want to see from the Chamber, and that includes putting it on sound financial footing, and keeping it there."

Right now, Brandin is only too happy to report that Chamber finances look good after the popular and successful 2019 Borrego Days Parade & Desert Festival last month. Brandin reported that due in large part to the "fantastic organization of an all-volunteer force," as opposed to hiring an outside consultant, up to $30,00 was saved, bringing the books from red ink to at least break-even, if not into the black going forward; Brandin is still awaiting financial updates.

Subsequently to the end of Borrego Days 2019, Brandin and the Board reviewed income and expense reports, concluding, "We're on pretty good financial footing now, and with expected future contributions from members, private donations, and grants, we'll be on solid ground for years to come."

The Chamber recently received a $50,000 grant from the County's Neighborhood Reinvestment Program for Chamber building maintenance, upkeep, and other expenses.

With a budget of over $150,000, the Chamber is primarily involved with promoting Chamber members' business interests. As but one example, they've sponsored the Race Across America Time Trials for many years held in Borrego, bringing revenue and potential future business to our community via hotel stays and restaurant visits.

Brandin explained added benefits, not the least of which include word-of-mouth recommendations to friends, relatives, and even business colleagues exhorting the unique qualities about our community. They come to Borrego, see the advantages, and move here, further contributing to our economy.

On another Chamber-sponsored event, the Sundowners, members gather on a monthly basis throughout the Season and can speak to the gathered crowd about what's going on with their business now and going forward. Brandin expressed his desire for more members to speak up at the Sundowner events for the purpose of either introducing themselves or explaining their business specifics.

He and wife Carol moved from San Diego to Borrego in 2005 where he owned Backyard Lagoon and Pool Supply, and opened up his new retail business, Borrego Pool Supply, where Carol also works, but keeps his prior Backyard business for service and maintenance.

Brandin concluded the interview by humorously stating the obvious: "The Chamber of Commerce is not a money-making venture – but we also try not to lose money."

So far under Brandin's brief leadership, that attempt would appear to be successful.

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