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Weather or Not In Borrego: The 100% Accurate Forecast for Borrego Springs


Last updated 1/23/2020 at 9:57am

We haven’t provided weather news in the Borrego Sun for a while, so with the new season in Borrego expected to be jam-packed with news coverage on other important local events, we’re going with a forecast that not only should survive most if virtually not all weatherrelated situations in Borrego, but also the test of time.

The forecast for tonight, and for every night until the end of the year, is “Dark, with continuing scattered light beginning in the early morning hours.” A shout-out to George

Carlin’s Hippy-Dippy Weather Man personae on that inspired utterance. Going further, throughout the remaining daylight hours, temps are expected to rise gradually and group in the general range between 0 – 120ºF, and humidity is expected to range from Sahara-dry to rain forest-wet. Heaters, swamp coolers, and air conditioning units should, according to experts consulted on the matter, be “set to match specific microclimate conditions." In other words, your house.

For the foreseeable future, the sun should either rise and stand bright and alone in our blue skies, or else be partially hidden by clouds, or perhaps even be completely obscured. “Conditions are highly dependent on cloud cover,” say the experts,which if present, range from “a milky white to dark grey or even charcoal.” This could portend either charming days for a picnic, or rain. Lightning even. Keep an umbrella handy.

The chances, therefore, of rain or even severe flooding, or rain-turnedto- sleet, or lightning strikes, or even an outside chance of snow during the daylight hours for the next two months “fall somewhere between 1 and 99%,” but once again dependent upon the location, density, and adiabatic lapse rates associated with moisture-laden clouds rising up over the San Jacinto Mountains to the west.

Full article in the Oct. 31 issue of the Borrego Sun.

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