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Tashi: A Spontaneuos Event


Last updated 6/18/2019 at 2:42pm

Michael Sadler

With only a few hours of advanced notice, about a dozen Borregans fortunate enough to be around and in the loop of notification back on May 11, were treated to a fascinating demonstration of artist-at-work at Christmas Circle by a Tibetan monk who painted a stunning piece – in about an hour.

Tashi Norbu is a contemporary artist (and traditional Tibetan Thangka Painter) with Belgian citizenship working in the Netherlands with strong influences from western art forms.

He came from San Diego to Borrego to see our desert environment, hosted by RoadRunner residents Anne and Mark O'Connor.

Unique to Tashi's painting efforts were the Tibetan rituals he employs to gather inspiration throughout his painting process. While Tashi set up to paint, two Borregans, "Mark and Denise of Paradise," set up singing bowls, Tibetan gongs and ceremonial drums, and the burning of incense, all providing an inspirational atmosphere for Tashi.

Throughout the painting process, Tashi chanted, and on occasion would stop in mid-paint stroke to pick up a singing bowl or use a drum to further inspire his efforts.

Tashi worked quickly, beginning with a vertical set of characters (see First Strokes photo) and elaborating as the painting progressed. When combined with the singing bowls, gongs & drum, and incense, it was a truly authentic and mesmerizing hour for those in attendance.

Upon completion, Tashi offered the painting for sale, and it was Anne O'Connor who scooped it up, and it is now prominently displayed in her RoadRunner Club home.