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RRC Golf Mixer – As Close As It Gets


Last updated 12/29/2018 at 7:20pm

They say winning isn't everything, but a rarely used addendum to that phrase is that it's way better than whatever comes before, and especially after, last place.

The men's and ladies' golf mixer at the RoadRunner Club, organized by the Ladies Golf Club, was a no-holds-barred event (that means no "gimme's"), pitting 10 teams comprised of two guys and two gals, all selected to provide even team handicapping. Sometimes handicapping doesn't quite work out as hoped, given ranges between five and thirty.

But in the event held Dec. 11, a crack team of statisticians put together foursomes making for an uncannily close match. The difference between first and third place? Two measly strokes. At 220, 221, 222, respectively (par is 216).

In that close of a match, there was, later, much gnashing of teeth over a missed putt, or an errant approach shot landing in the bunker, or in the case of me and my teammate, Bob Schubert, abject relief that our two purchased mulligans each went for naught while our foursome ended up winning the tourney, and only by that one-stroke whisker.

It was cause for true golfing sadness when Bob missed that two-foot putt – three times! – to use up his two mulley's. And on one hole, I couldn't hit water if I was in a boat; on another, my boat sank at the tee box. But our team sadness was eventually overcome by that 1-stroke win; the difference turned out to be Mary Olsen's 40-foot put for par (she's a 30 handicap), and with only three holes left to play, Jeanne Gemmell's birdie two holes later (the only birdie in the foursome).

That night's scrumptious meatloaf dinner and desert was catered by Kendall's Café, served up by RRC members.

In all, even those who finished in last place, or who didn't place, had a great time with one another out on the course, and later enjoyed a fine meal and camaraderie in the clubhouse.

It was just another beautiful day in Borrego.