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Revitialization... of de Anza Club


Last updated 10/18/2018 at 11:51am

Jolene Nacapuy

The Borrego Sun editor Jolene Nacapuy interviewed Linda Heathcott, Manager of the LLC of de Anza Country Club, to discuss the happenings and renovations at the de Anza Country Club.

Can you tell me about the expansion plans at de Anza:

The main plan is to really focus on the customer-member experience. One of the things we're focusing on is the revitalization of the club. A nice new patio space – We call it in Canada, a halfway house at the turn; so we're adding a food truck to accommodate our guests, and they will be able to get food in the morning, nice lattes, lunches (quick order-and-go lunches). Then a really big renovation of the clubhouse itself, to bring a fresh new atmosphere with the focus on quality. The member experience is what it's all about.

How do you see your involvement with Borrego?

It's important for de Anza to be involved with the community of Borrego Springs. We've already participated in the theater project, sponsoring a couple of seats, we have a number of foundations that are doing their golf tournaments here to raise funds, so we will be supportive of community initiatives. It's very important to be a community partner, and we'll be active in that regard. Our team will continue with the golden state tour event, and we'll build as we go, one step at a time, and keep adding. We'll start with the great platform that is already de Anza, then continue to build upon the stepping blocks for the community, to build the friendships, build the golf, social and recreation aspects, and build on a culinary experience.

Thoughts on Borrego:

We love it, and are big fans. Tom and I believe it is a very, very special place, very unique. The goal should be that Borrego isn't the hidden gem. It is a well-known place that people coming to the Coachella Valley want to come, visit and stay.

When will everything be done?

We are hoping for opening weekend. Everyone's pushing and hoping to get most of the things done by then. This type of configuration is somewhat iterative. It's not just one thing, you keep adding on and changing so people would want to come back because they want to see what's new, so there's a lot new this year, but every year there has to be something else for people to be interested in.

The revitalization of de Anza is here with a brand new and welcoming feeling.

Full interview in the Oct. 18 issue of the Borrego Sun.