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Last updated 8/21/2018 at 12:31pm

Avoid Fraud, Identity Theft

IID wishes to alert customers that fraudulent scams are being reported by utility consumers across the nation. In many cases, unscrupulous individuals posing as utility employees attempt to contact customers – over the phone (including cell phone), in person or through email, and threaten to turn off their electricity if the customer does not immediately provide financial information.

If you are contacted by anyone who threatens something like this, it is likely fraudulent activity. IID does not proactively contact residential customers and ask for credit card information over the phone. If your electric account is delinquent, IID will notify you in writing before your service is shut-off for non-payment.

If you receive a phone call that makes you feel uncomfortable, IID encourages you to call the district directly at 1-800-303-7756, where you can speak with a representative about your account and verify if IID was attempting to contact you. According to an IID representative, IID never initiates a call to customers regarding their accounts. When in doubt, hang up and call the 800-number above.

To protect your identity and avoid being the victim of fraud, IID advises customers to not provide financial information over the phone, email or in any other fashion, unless you initiated the conversation.

Another heinous, fraudulent scam here on the West Shores

I have it on very good authority that a scam is making its way around the West Shores right now. In its current form, the scammer requests that the target person visit a prescribed website, via a Facebook account, stating “ I want to apply for a grant.”

The person running the scam then requests a prepaid credit card in the amount of $200 – $300, ostensibly as a processing fee; once the card is purchased the scammer asks the grant seeker to read all the pertinent information from the card.

When the info is given, the scam is basically complete, with the exception that sometimes the grant seeker receives an official looking certificate marked “ Government Grant.”


Please note: If you or someone you know has been touched by this operation in any way, report it to the local authorities at once. You may not get your money back, but you may keep one of your unsuspecting friends or neighbors from losing hard-earned, much-needed $$$.

School’s In Session

Mind your road manners, please. School zones are put in place to ensure the safety of children in and around schools. While class is in session, drivers are responsible for maintaining safety and awareness on the streets surrounding schools. All children should be able to walk or bike to and from class without fear of being hit by passing vehicles.

As drivers, we must not be careless around school zones. We must understand the traffic laws for these locations and follow them at all times.

We are all so grateful for the transportation department employees who protect us and our families while in their care. We value your service and salute your commitment to safety.

Thank you!

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