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Ursid Meteor Shower


Last updated 12/28/2016 at 9:54am

The moon is threatening to obscure this months meteor shower, however it is still worth taking some time tonight and through to 23rd to see if you can see Ursid Meteor Shower across the skies.

Experts are predicting that it will be less of a show than in past years but it will still be worth making use of our Dark Skies.

The Ursids produce a handful of meteors or shooting stars every hour, usually in the range of five to 10 per hour. In some past years, the meteors have been more spectacular - in 1945 and 1986, for instance, 50 per hour were observed.

"They're about average," NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke told "The Ursids are not noted for fireballs, like the Geminids and the Perseids. You will need a dark sky to see them." Good job we have one in Borrego.

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