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New Firehouse for Salton City


Last updated 7/17/2016 at 6:16am

I’ve heard tell that if it weren’t for the termites holding hands, the old Salton City Fire Department Firehouse would have fallen down.

Having done yeoman battle with these incessant fellows (thanks to Earl Pratt our place is winning!), I can personally state that I am greatly relieved to see our volunteer fire fighters ensconced in their ‘new’ digs just off Treadwell in Vista del Mar.

Of course, nothing can move forward without controversy so some folks are (add your own or choose one) annoyed, highly agitated, furious, incensed, livid, fuming, mad, irate or angry, that this move has been accomplished. However, we are reminded that, regardless of where you live in Vista del Mar, you are still part of the fire protection area.

To my way of thinking, the new location offers more rapid service (no South Marina or stop light with which to contend), easier access to S86 and surrounding communities and a heightened ability to respond. To say nothing of no termites ... so, welcome to your ‘new home’ fellas, thanks for all you do to keep us safe.

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