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Worried about a derelict property near you? Contact Imperial County.


Last updated 6/27/2016 at 9:53am

To report a property that concerns you (be it a run-down house, trailer or other noxious eyesore) call, e-mail or send an actual letter to:

Imperial County Planning and Development Services

801 Main Street

El Centro, CA 92243


To be recognized, your complaint must include the following:

An address (actual street address is best, of course, but street intersections and property location on a given street can work) – the more specific you are the better;

The type of violation you are reporting e.g., zoning, abandonment, building height, set back, multiple dwellings, minimum lot size, no visible utilities, grading, etc.

Your complaint communication may include multiple properties, all must be properly identified; each will be handled as an individual complaint. You are encouraged to send photographs for identification purposes only.

Once your complaint has been filed, an inspector is sent to investigate the matter; after the investigation and ensuing determination, a letter stating violation(s) is sent from IV Planning to the property owner of record. Depending on the response to the initial letter one of several things may happen, all ending up eventually, with some resolution to the complaint. Certain time frames are built into the process to guarantee the rights of the property owner so, what may seem like inaction may, in fact, be due process. I, personally, encourage each person filing a complaint to be vigilant and to stay on top of the process. Sometimes it seems as if it takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R so keep up your inquiries.

All violation reports are handled anonymously.

Please remember that the Salton Community Services District has no jurisdiction, authority or ability to remove any personal property unless, for example, the person illegally placing a trailer on a lot is caught in the actual act of putting the trailer there. That’s it! The rest is up to the county. They need to know. AND, you need to stay on it because, at the North End, a dilapidated trailer just doesn’t constitute an emergency for our friends in El Centro, as well-meaning as they may be. While I can understand there are exigent circumstances, I also understand that we need to unite as a community to promote our own safety and welfare – not in a tizzy or a tiff, but with a defined, dedicated core of action. If you can do nothing else, I urge you to attend the monthly meeting with Supervisor Ryan Kelly – he is on our side and is working hard for us.

We can help him succeed by helping ourselves. Be counted ... show up with constructive comments and ideas to solve our West Shores issues and please, P-L-E-A-S-E, don’t tell me you’re just offering “constructive criticism” – that’s an oxymoron and, inevitably, is negative in import and design. Again, we’re stronger together. Thanks.

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