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Borrego Spring - In Bloom


Last updated 2/4/2016 at 9:55am

Kristine Whitman

El Nino has brought some storms and rain to water our native desert plants this winter season. Evidence of this is seen in the desert plants around town and in the canyons.

Beautiful Ocotillo Forests are green and a few desert flowers are already starting to bloom. There is a sea of green on the mountainside and desert vistas around Borrego.

Green Ocotillo forests can be seen and a few have already had some orange blooms. El Nino and a few warm days have provided us with perfect conditions for optimal blooming.

Some brittlebush have yellow flowers and desert lilac is in bloom, there are also orange flowers in bloom in some canyons.

It appears that Borrego might get an early and brilliant wildflower season this year. Let's see what mother nature brings.

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