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Tribute to 'Abba Willie'


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"You have been told that God wants from you, only that you live justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with God," Mica 6:8. Death has come to someone dear to us, it teaches us that all things end, that God's time is not our time. That those who have lived well for their own time, will have lived well for all times.

William McNamara's life is a reflection of light. He was fascinated by Christ; the real Christ. He tells us that if we know Christ, we cannot help but fall in love with Him. Our task is to return to the active living voice of Jesus. Fr. Willie teaches us that death is the gathering to a fuller life, to know that Christ is there, that the only thing worthwhile is being His friend. We may look on Abba Willie as a modern day prophet. There is an urgency in his message. With Christ we experience a joyous mind; a wealth of imagery.

Fr. Abba Willie's writing is sincere and has the quality of meditation. For that reason it's not easy to read straight through his books, and notice the prayer-like quality of his writing. He referred to his life as that of a wanderer, a mystic, a hermit. Outside his residence a sign reads, 'Be quiet and know that I am your God.' Countless friends touched him and were touched by him: Bonnie Lynn who brought meals to him; Ramon and Maria Arias were his faithful caretakers; Joe, his favorite handyman; Traceigh a close friend for many years; Sister Electa for her friendship and many prayers; his favorite Sue, the Fudge Lady; Ray Bolaños, Tom Cunningham, Fr. Neme, former Pastor, helped financially, visited and brought him meals; Nurse Rebecca was always present, Susan Adamawicz, his executor, who often flew in from Maine. Adamawicz, who was his follower since she was 17-years-old, flew the remains to Rhode Island where he is resting in his home ground. He loved all animals, large and small, and blessed them all. He coined these words, "Be Eastered in Him." – Fr. Simon

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