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WaterMaster Board Report: Environmental Appointments and Transparency – Again

Opinion: Let’s Be Honest I am stumped. I don’t know what to do, Borrego Springs residents. Should I abandon these reports since my background knowledge of the evolution of the Stipulated Judgement and the WaterMaster Board is not serving to inform the WMB when they stray from agr... — Updated 1/26/2021

 By Rebecca Falk    News

WMB Report: Environmental Working Group Seeks Applicants

The Borrego Springs WaterMaster has a new web page: Meeting notices, agendas, agenda packets, committee meeting agendas/packets, agreements that constitute our Basin Management Plan and more can be found there. Correspondence to the WaterMaster c... — Updated 1/6/2021

 By Rebecca Falk    News

WMB Report: Rumors, Prior Agreements, Data Gaps

For the agenda and agenda packet for the Nov. 12 Watermaster Board (WMB) Meeting, please see: According to ED Samantha Adams, a WMB web page should be up and running by the end of November. Highlights from the meeting include: - Announcement... — Updated 12/9/2020

 By Rebecca Falk    News

WMB Invokes Precautionary Principle?

At a special meeting on Oct. 19 at 11:30 a.m., the Borrego Springs Interim WaterMaster Board, with all members present, unanimously agreed to send a “Letter of Caution” to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors. It was agreed that the letter would be drafted by ED Samantha Ada... — Updated 11/4/2020

 By Rebecca Falk    News

WMB Report: Possible Threat to Water Inflows to Borrego's Water Basin

All directors were present for the Oct. 8 regular meeting of the WaterMaster Board. As soon as the meeting started, during comments from the public, Borrego Water District’s Lyle Brecht introduced an issue that has come to the BWD Board’s attention via correspondence from Gar... — Updated 10/22/2020

 By Rebecca Falk    News

WaterMaster Board Report

All those who own property in Borrego have been receiving a green slip at the post office and then signing a certified mail receipt for a notice about a lawsuit. I’ll explain this to the best of my ability. But first, a few words about other business at the WaterMaster Board Meeti... — Updated 10/5/2020

 By Rebecca Falk    News

What's Going on at the Water Master Board?

Periodic disclaimer: This report is not the same as minutes of WMB meetings. I feel free to give my own perspective, and my emphasis is on communicating what might matter for the community to know about the meetings. Having said this, it took a few days after the Sept. 10 late... — Updated 10/2/2020

 By Rebecca Falk    News

WaterMaster Board Prepares for Regular Meetings and Operations

At its Aug. 27 meeting, under the guidance of Executive Director Samantha Adams and Counsel Jim Markman, the Borrego Springs Interim WaterMaster Board discussed preparing to move to regularly scheduled meetings once a month, and preparing to enact rules that will bring the... — Updated 9/11/2020

 By Rebecca Falk    News

Watermaster Board Hires Executive Director, Technical Consultant

Samantha Adams, Vice-President and Principal Scientist II, of Wildermuth Environmental, attended the Aug. 13 meeting of the Borrego Springs Interim Watermaster Board, as the contract with Wildermuth Environmental was finalized a the meeting and scheduled for a vote at the next... — Updated 9/3/2020

 By Rebecca Falk    News

Borrego WaterMaster Board: Meeting News

The July 30 WaterMaster Board Meeting was the first meeting with newly hired attorney Jim Markman in attendance. Directors Shannon Smith, Jim Bennett, Dave Duncan, Alternate Mike Bozick standing in for Mike Seley, and Mark Jorgensen with Alternate Martha Deichler standing in for h... — Updated 8/12/2020

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