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Push for Change Continues

Local elected leaders in San Diego County continue to push for changes to the methodology used by Liberty Healthcare, CA Department of State Hospitals (DSH), and the Superior Courts concerning how and where SVPs are placed on Conditional Release and public safety. Their letters ta... — Updated 9/14/2023


Audit Request Approved

Following more than two years of objections to Liberty Healthcare and the CA Department of State Hospital (DSH) practice of hiding Sexually Violent Predators (SVPs) in rural neighborhoods, an audit of the SVP Conditional Release Program (CONREP) was approved. Senator Brian Jones... — Updated 7/21/2023


Home Owners Beware

Bushes, cactus, a large decorative bell and a 6 foot swath of pool tiles were found missing from a house on De Anza Drive. The house is a block away from the golf course at De Anza Desert Club, currently being re-landscaped. While... — Updated 7/18/2023


SVP Badger Arrives

On or about May 11, Sheriff's deputies visited houses in the Deep Well Community of Borrego Springs to deliver notification about the pending placement of Sexually Violent Predator Douglas Badger in their neighborhood. Neighbors re... — Updated 5/31/2023


Keeping SVP's OUT of Neighborhoods

On February 17, Senator Brian Jones with Co-Authors Senators Alvarado-Gil and Grove, Assembly Members Meghan Dahle and Gallagher, introduced CA Senate Bill 832. The Sexually Violent Predator Accountability, Fairness, and Enforcement (SAFE) Act will amend the CA Welfare &... — Updated 3/14/2023


Waiting for a Decision from Honorable Judge Weathers

The Final Arguments for the proposed placement of Sexually Violent Predator Douglas Badger in a house on Zuni Trail were held on Wednesday, February 15. The Public Defender, Alexandra Knudson, represented Sexually Violent Predator Douglas Badger in court, who declined to... — Updated 3/6/2023


SVP Placement – Final Argument on Feb. 15, Call for Audit

On Friday Feb. 10, Judge Theodore Weathers held a court review about the on-going proposed placement of Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) Douglas Badger at 1619 Zuni Trail in Borrego Springs. The final arguments review is scheduled for Feb. 15, at 9 a.m. and will be open to the... — Updated 2/14/2023


Board of Supervisors Actions, Appellate Court Decision Win

The County of San Diego and residents of Borrego Springs had a victory during the recent County Board of Supervisors meeting with a unanimous vote (4 – 0, with Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer absent) approving the following actions: 1. Direct the Chief Administrative Officer (... — Updated 1/20/2023


SVP Placement Update

Judge Theodore Weathers scheduled another review for December 13 in the San Diego Superior Court. Concerning the proposed property to house sexual violent predator Douglas Badger on Zuni Trail, Dr. Terrie Kellmeyer, mother and neighbor who lives across the street, was subpoenaed t... — Updated 12/20/2022


SVP Update

California Senate Bill 1034 was signed by Governor Gavin Newsom on Sept. 30, creating a more direct path for County and local officials to assist and consult in locating and securing housing for Sexually Violent Predators. This bill was first introduced in February of this year... — Updated 11/4/2022


SVP Martinez Placed in Borrego

Sexually Violent Predator Martinez is now living on Running M Road in Borrego Springs. Liberty Healthcare staff were visible for several days, but are no longer present. The known code violations for the property were not corrected, despite the statement by Judge David Gill that t... — Updated 10/4/2022


SVP Updates While We Wait

During the past two weeks, there has been activity in and near the Running M House in preparation for the placement of SVP Michael Martinez. A Sheriff’s Deputy went door-to-door in the immediate vicinity of the house to hand out flyers warning neighbors of the pending placement o... — Updated 9/19/2022


Waiting for Developments in SVP Placements

Borregans are waiting for the placement ordered by Judge David Gill for Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) Michael Martinez to be housed on Running M Road and for a decision by Judge Theodore M. Weathers whether or not to place SVP Douglas Badger on Zuni Trail. Two placements – o... — Updated 9/2/2022


Update and News about the SVP Forecast

Since our last article, many Borregans attended the August 5 Proposed Placement for Sexually Violent Predator Douglas Badger. There was a good turnout for the court review, with Borregans who arrived in person including neighbors, American Legion Commander, Borrego Springs... — Updated 8/19/2022


SVP – Update, Disappointment, Cause for Hope

On Friday July 22, without any other input, Judge David Gill settled on the placement of Sexual Violent Predator Michael Martinez on Running M Road in Borrego Springs by no later than September 9. This announcement came as neighbors returned to the San Diego County Superior Court... — Updated 8/8/2022


SVPs – Here We Go Again

Two weeks ago, Judge Gill closed the initial review of the proposed placement of SVP Martinez with the promise that he would visit Borrego Springs and view the house on Running M Road for suitability. Since then, the neighbors have hoped to see the Judge and ensure that he sees... — Updated 8/3/2022


D-Day of SVP

The Town Hall was attended by more than 75 people who participated in a discussion about the upcoming Proposed Placement with Donna Cleary and Kristal Zabara, senior staff members of San Diego County District 5 Supervisor Jim Desmond’s office. This was not a defeated group in a... — Updated 7/12/2022


SVP Hearing, July 8 Downtown San Diego

Numerous residents of Borrego Springs provided their opposition to the proposed placement of Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) Michael Martinez in Borrego Springs to the Sheriff’s SAFE Task Force. Many also provided comments and complaints to County offices and State elected r... — Updated 7/5/2022



In 2021, our Borrego Springs and Ranchita communities experienced problems with critical community feedback reaching Judge David Gill and the District Attorney's office prior to scheduled placement reviews for Sexually Violent... — Updated 6/21/2022


County State Senators Author Bill to Keep Community SAFE

Sen. Brian Jones, R-Santee, along with Sen. Ben Hueso, D-San Diego, have sponsored the SAFE Act – SAFE is the acronym for Sexually Violent Predator Accountability, Fairness and Enforcement. This act was developed based on the poor performance of the California Department of S... — Updated 1/28/2022


County Supervisors Say "NO"

On Oct. 5, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors (BOS) voted unanimously to support the recommendation by our County Supervisor, Jim Desmond, to take actions to oppose further placements of Sexually Violent Predators in the County. The Board approved the recommendation to... — Updated 10/15/2021