By Sally Walsh
Art Critic 

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Last updated 11/21/2023 at 1:35pm

By Sally Walsh, Art Critic

Borrego Art Institute- North Gallery

The Golden Land

Kristen Guest

Nov. 4 – Nov. 26

Stunning, landscape paintings, seemingly painted with a sense of joy and spontaneity.

Like most colorists Kristen is an intuitive artist. Her landscapes are immediately appealing. Light operates wordlessly and is visible present only in colors, touches, layers, shades, subtle caresses. Deconstructing realistic landscape imagery into abstract Kristen is involved in seeking-and interpreting the essence of a landscape. Kristen describes her works, "translating the beauty and atmospheric feeling of these places into marks, color and texture that often result in dramatic shapes, gestural lines and visual tension."

Geographically she concentrates on two opposing regions for inspiration the SoCal desert and the Hawaiian tropics both of which are represented in the show.

Excellent work from an award winning accomplished artist. I urge art enthusiasts and collectors to visit the show.

Kristen is the Resident Artist at Bernardo Winery in San Diego where her studio is located. She is a Mentoring Artist and the Director Of Education at Art on 30th, an arts community in San Diego's North Park historic arts district. Her list of gallery shows is extensive including, Ashton Gallery, San Diego, Janssen Art Space in Palm Springs.

7th Annual Borrego

Art Institute

Expressions In The Abstract

Exploring abstract assemblage, incorporating found objects, assemblage is a broad ranging term referring to sculpture or installation art that 'assembles' various everyday objects into the composition. Each non art object acquires aesthetic or symbolic meaning within the context of the whole work, while retaining something of its original identity. In contrast with two dimensional collage, assemblage art is generally three dimensional. 'Lens With Box' Assemblage by Matt Cauthron a creative use of mixed medium and object. 'Red Composition' Acrylic on canvas by Antonio Escalanto, an interesting, if not assemblage, appealing, moody, painting and of course the ever masterful and always excellent work of Robert Wright.

'Flat Line'-Assemblage of Found Objects. Robert 's works are perfection a master of the assemblage art form.

The House Of Borrego Springs- West Gallery

David Lasley- A Retrospective

Nov. 4 – Nov. 26

A much revered artist Lasley's artwork was displayed during his lifetime at The Borrego Art Institute and House of Borrego Springs. Lasley built up an admiring following amongst local collectors. Many works in this retrospective are generously loaned from local private collections and his family.

Lasley spent his childhood between Palm Desert and Santa Monica. Earning a degree at UCLA for Accounting. David worked as an accountant in Beverly Hills until he was drafted into the Army. After serving he spent several years traveling in Europe developing a deepening intellectual curiosity and relationship to art.

An accomplished artist, intellectual, certified Paleontologist his accomplishments were many.

Lasley loved desert life. Returning here to live in his later years.

David's paintings explore abstract art themes and specifically some of the works in this retrospect are inspired by the Zen Buddhist circle art called, Enzo, (circle form). The circle is one of the deepest symbols in Zen. Representing the revelation of a world of spirit without beginning and end. The artist repeatedly paints the circle again and again striving to create the perfect circle. The Zen circle of enlightenment reflects that transforming experience, perfectly empty yet completely full, infinite.

I found Lasley's Enzo painting circles mesmerizing in their simplicity. Also Northern Lights, Gouache on paper courtesy of Susan Deering and Larry Gilstrap a masterpiece in minimalism.

This is an important retrospect, perfectly and lovingly curated by Elizabeth Rodriguez, reminding us of the artistic legacy this talented artist has left us.