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Dia De Los Muertos (Nov. 2)

Borrego Art Institute

"For bones are like seeds, everything that dies goes into the earth, and from it new life is born in the sacred cycle of existence." Mesoamerican Mythological Traditions.

Origins of the Dia De La Muertes goes back 31,000 years to the death rituals of the Nahuas people of Mesoamerica.

Unesco in 2008 added the holiday to it's list of "Intangible Cultural Heritage Of Humanity." Reinforcing the political and social status of Mexico's indigenous communities.

Dia De Los Muertes annual celebration was held at the Borrego Art Institute, Nov. 2, the date when it is believed that the dead return to visit their friends and relatives. Spectacular, complex, vibrant, family ofrendas (altar) were on display. Homages to the remembrance of deceased family member's. Each year the ofrendas are more complex and this year they took on the aspect of becoming a stylized fine art ensemble. Remembrance photographs collectively displayed amidst artistically arranged objects that related to the families. Community, tradition, art and cultural combined to create a meaningful moving show.

Expressions In The Abstract (Nov. 5 – Nov. 27, Borrego Art Institute)

This show is exquisitely curated, very elegantly hung and the art is exceptional.

Abstract art uses visual language of shape, form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references. This show features a diverse very talented group of abstract painter's and a sculpture.

Joanne Rock Newman

There is a delightful artistic narrative in Joanne Rock Newman's semi representational landscapes. Each painting is an artistic treasure trove impossible almost to select a favorite. Lyrical, flowing, joyful, extremely well priced. These paintings reference Joanne's extensive visual vocabulary of shapes, symbols and her beautiful use of color.

Keith Van Der Walde

Keith Van Der Walde, takes us into a very different creative sphere his work echos the creative legacy of Keith Haring and the 80's Pop Art movement.

At first all one see's is an overwhelming sense of vibrant color and repeated visual language patterns until a closer look reveals there is a possible hidden artistic code in these repeated shapes. Something deeper more complex possible more profound. Van Der Walde says, " I paint constellations of patterned elements that exist in collective equilibrium yet are composed of forms imbued with individual and varied energetic character."

Van Der Walde has a impressive, acclaimed, accomplished engineering background that has focused on contributing to innovations in space explorations at a very high level of participation. He supported Mars rover mobility system development by running multi body dynamic simulations in deep space lower generations.

Van Der Walde space exploration project appears to have influenced an infinite space quality in some of his works. Alternatively, the artist settles comfortably into minutia. Like a million stars in a night sky. This repeated imagery draws us in to take a closer look at the painting exploring the symbols. What do they mean if anything?

There is a visual divide when looking at the paintings as to how you can enter one of this works visually. Should we just respectfully observe from afar.

Barbara Nickerson

Barbara's list of artistic accomplishments stretches from showing her work in New York at Lincoln Center, additionally showing in Japan, Germany, a solo show in Paris, France.

Barbra choice of medium has been Sumi-E- and watercolor on Yuma.

However, she embarked on an adventure into abstract art inspired by the Borrego Art Institutes's first show of abstract Art. Barbara wanted to explore a new direction she signed up for a BAI abstract painting workshop with Theresa Donche.

Changing painting style's can be challenging because one is bending the artist's natural creative artistic proclivity. Barbara's lovely painting, Spring, anchor's the show as you enter the gallery.

Stuart Bailey

Stone carving takes from the earth's magnificent bounty, transforming in this case alabaster into what Stu's describes as limitless abstract possibilities creatively. Stone sculptures cultivate a reverence for stone. Stu's sculptural language shows a rare understanding of form and dimension.

His works are priced really well making collecting very approachable. Sculpture in my opinion gives depth to any art collection.

Stu says in his passionate artist's statement. "Life without art.... is life without living."

Art Walk

Art Walk returned Nov. 5, welcoming newcomer, the newly renovated, The Hacienda Del Sol, Lobby Gallery, curated by Elizabeth Rodriguez of The West Gallery, featuring the intriguing assemblages works of Robert Wright. Roberts assemblages are created from found objects during scavenging trips. His developed creative eye scans for discarded scraps and objects that he then creates into multi dimensional art.

Robert says, "There is mystery to a found object. Why did it end up here? How did it get in this condition? What in the world is it? Reviving these objects and giving them a second chance for purpose is my reward and pleasure."

This is an unusual, conversational, show translating objects through art in ways that words never could explore. Well worth a visit to the newly redecorated mid century modern style lobby of the Hacienda Del Sol.

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