Sculptural Calculations = Glass Fabrications


Last updated 2/25/2022 at 2:50pm

With the minimalism of a zen master, complexity of a scientific thinker, sculptress/artist Beth King's show at the West Gallery was a stunning artistic tour de force. Well attended with plenty of discussion and inquiry about the works of which several were red tagged making the evening a success.

Beth's artistic accomplishments are extensive and impressive, including too many to mention gallery, museum shows, juried exhibitions and Public Art Projects.

Gallery owner Elizabeth Rodriguez curated the show with her usual flair and attention to detail.

The artist describes her works as, 'always minimalist, geometric, structural, architectural, all my sculpture looks quite simple but is complex. All are precisely calculated, held in place with hardware that I design and have fabricated for each sculpture.' Beth asks us to, 'see my sculpture not as a metaphor, as an object standing in for another object, but as a trigger for philosophical thought.'

I was very stuck by what I saw as Beth's mind/body application to her creativity. There is a palpable completeness, a sense that she turned over every artistic consideration, to realize the final work.

Beth leaves it up to us to find ourselves in her vision.

She will give an Art Talk on Saturday Feb. 12, 3 p.m. at the West Gallery in the courtyard outside the gallery.

Art Talks are extremely interesting, they open a unique window into the artist's creativity and process. Art Talk attendance has been growing so come early enjoy the show and grab a seat.

Show runs through March 30.

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