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Expressions in the Abstract


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John Richen

Sculptor John Richen 's career spans decades. His timeless works have been commissioned for public spaces, collected nationally and Internationally. Richen's acclaimed artistic legacy is considerable.

A long time resident of Borrego Springs John says the 'bones,' of the desert provide inspiration. Certainly a sense of the ancient mystery of the desert enters Richen's artistic vision in his larger works. Often primitive in feeling, soaring in size, incomparable works. The content of any sculpture is not the nature of the final form portrayed but the history of its formation. Richen's craftsmanship is monumental in excellence. While visiting his studio I had a keen sense of being in the presence of the greats, a master sculptor.

Richen's artist's eye knows the act of looking can be like a form of prayer. His great popularity can be largely explained for projecting artistic conscience and introspection onto the timeless process of nature and life forms.

His current exhibition of 'Sketches,' are artistic poems, metal sonnets to nature, music, animals and abstraction. These are smaller works, priced extremely approachable are excellent collecting opportunities. His craftsmanship is of extraordinary sensibility and feeling, revealing the nature of the patina, truth to materials, which uncovers so clearly the nature of the metals they are are formed from. Admirable for the skill and sensitivity of their execution.

Barbra Nickerson's fauvist styled paintings are compositionally flowing exquisite journeys of color and form.

Stuart Bailey's, 'Penguin With An Attitude,' alabaster sculpture is masterly carved .The dimensional holes through allow the viewer entry into the stone. Bailey Sculptures bring us touch, texture, size, scale hardness, warmth a process of opposed forces, rhythm in space. Bailey keeps his form alway's surprising walk about them to discover the other side.

Pamela Nigro bold graphic paintings make a strong contemporary statement.

This is a inspiring show one that the viewer can spend considerable time enjoying.