Borrego Blast – Review by Amy Ream


Last updated 2/7/2019 at 2:37pm

Since 2002, tandem bicycle enthusiasts have converged on Borrego Springs in January for a weekend of cycling and camaraderie. Last weekend, there were 50-60 cyclists with single and tandem bikes. Some are locals, some snowbirds and rain birds, and some came from Ramona, San Diego, LA, NoCal, Oregon, and Arizona.

The person in front of a tandem is called the Captain, while the person behind is called the Stoker. Some say the person behind is actually the Rear Admiral. In either case, if the Stoker isn’t happy, no one is happy. Usually the bigger and stronger member of the team takes the front seat, with steering, shifting, and braking duties. With two adults and a 30 – 40 pound bike, it’s more like driving a school bus than a Porsche. It requires trust, teamwork, consideration, and communication.

Last weekend, routes included tours around the valley, a ride out S22 to the Salton Sea overlook and back, and a route “Around the Corner,” the triangle that goes up Yaqui Pass, East on 78, and returns via Texas Dip. Mileage averaged 30 – 45miles per day.